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Usage & Case study


  • 【Example 1】Company A

    Company A is a small-to-medium-sized manufacturing company that has increased their business with foreign countries and is also exporting all over the world.
    Previously, the company ordered translation services from other agencies each time when it was necessary, but decided it was too costly. Then they decided to make a contract using our monthly translation service.
    Currently, they make an average of dozens of requests per month, but with the monthly contract, they are pleased that their translation costs have been reduced by 30-40% annually

    In addition, they are very satisfied with the speedy delivery of the work because we can both save time and effort when requesting and preparing quotes each time.

  • 【Company 2】Company B

    Company B provides consulting services to various companies, including foreign-affiliated companies. Therefore, there are many situations where presentation materials need to be created in English and the actual presentations need to be given in English. On those occasions, they used our translation and interpretation services. They were very pleased with the smoothness of the presentations that was enabled by having the same person handling both the translation of the presentation materials and the actual interpretation.