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Quotes and Orders

Are quotes free?

Quotes will be free no matter how many times you request them. Please also use our simple quote form on the homepage.

How long will it take to give me a quote?

We will submit it within 2 business days after you make a request. However, if you need a quick quote, please let us know when you request it.

How are translation quotes calculated?

We count the number of characters (or number of words) using an automatic Word counting function and then multiply it by the unit price. If it is more than 250 characters (words), we round up, and if it less than 250 characters (words), we round down. The unit price starts from 10 yen per character (word), but it varies depending on the field of translation materials, difficulty, and quantity.

What is the minimum order charge?

The minimum order charge is 5,000 yen (excluding tax).

Are there any specifications for the data format of the translation material?

We ask that you provide it in text format such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint. In other cases (paper manuscripts, PDF files, etc.), we charge a fee of 2 yen per character as a transcription fee.

Can private individuals use your services?

Individual customers can also place orders. However, they are requested to make payment in advance at the time when they actually place the order.

Are there any services such as free trials for translation?

We offer a free trial service of up to 200 characters or 200 words. After the trial, you can decide whether to actually place an order.

Are there any discount systems?

We offer various discount systems such as an initial order discount, referral discounts, and monthly contractor discounts. At the time when the quote is given, we will propose a price plan with the most advantageous pricing for you.

Translation service

Do you have native speaker checks?

In principle, our translation fee does not include native checks. If you wish, we can offer those for an additional charge of 5 yen per character (or word).

Can you adjust the layout of the translated documents?

In order to minimize charges, we do not provide services such as layout adjustment. Customers need to make final layout adjustments by themselves.

What happens with the charges and delivery times if additional translation work is needed after an order is placed?

We will estimate any additional parts separately, and let you know the new delivery date and any additional fees. Unless otherwise specified, these charges will be combined.

Can you handle translations in special fields?

Depending on the field and difficulty, there will be an additional charge, but we can handle them.

Can you deliver documents urgently?

Depending on the amount of work and the desired delivery date, we can urgently handle them for an additional charge of 20% to 40%.

Interpretation service

How far can a business escort interpreter travel?

Our interpreters can travel within Japan and also to overseas countries, though there will be travel time fees and daily allowances in addition to the actual interpreter fees.

Are there additional fees if the pre-specified interpretation time is exceeded?

There will be specified surcharges for any excess time. Additional charges will be explained in advance at the time the quote is made.

Delivery and Payment

How is the completed translation document delivered?

We will deliver it as electronic data via email.

How do I pay the fee?

Please transfer payment to the account designated by us by the date specified on the invoice. However, for individual customers, payment is required at the time an order is placed.

Could you send the invoice by mail?

In principle, we send invoices as electronic data via email but we can send invoices by mail for customers who wish to do so.

What is the time schedule for payment?

Please make payment by the 15th of the month following when delivery and work are completed. If you want to have a specific payment date, please inform us when placing your order.

After sales services

Do you have an after-sales service such as corrections after the translation materials are delivered?

You can ask questions and we can make corrections as many times as you like within 60 days of the delivery. After 60 days, it will be charged, but it is still possible.


Do you offer any services other than translation and interpretation?

We also have a service for correcting and proofreading sentences already translated or written in English. Please request a quote for that separately.
We also provide overseas expansion support services for companies that want to expand their business overseas or already have business with overseas companies.

Can you keep our documents and business matters confidential?

We will not disclose any information we were given during any of our services to any third party. If necessary, a confidentiality agreement can be signed in advance.