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Translation, correction and writing advice for business e-mailsMonthly contract available

We provide business email translation, correction, and advice services. This is a very convenient service for companies that already have business with overseas companies or that are going to expand overseas and expect frequent email exchanges with overseas companies.
Especially with this service, we offer an advantageous monthly contract. We can help you confirm the content of emails that you have already written, Help with the confirmation of nuances and consultation are also included in the monthly fee. In addition, since we are able to respond quickly using SNS, using this service will leave you feeling as if you have an English speaking employee in your company.

Presentation documents, Resumes, Contracts and other business documents

In addition to business emails, we also translate various business documents such as presentation materials, resumes, and contracts. Furthermore, we also have a service that allows smooth communication because the same person is in charge of both the translation of documents for presentations, negotiations, audits, etc. and any interpretation which is required for the same occasion. Regarding contracts, native checks are essential because they are more specialized and require high accuracy. For other highly specialized documents, there may be a surcharge, so please inquire at the time you get your quote.

Advertisements, brochures, Homepages and Restaurant menus

We translate advertisements, brochures, websites, restaurant menus, etc. for companies and restaurants. We provide natural and easy-to-understand translations for the internationalization of companies and plans for foreign visitors to Japan. Currently, we offer translation services in English and Simplified Chinese. By asking customers to provide translation materials in text format in advance and making the final layout adjustments by themselves, we can provide services at a low price while still maintaining high quality.


Consecutive Interpretation, Business Interpretation and Escorted Interpretation

We provide consecutive interpreters in various situations such as conferences, business talks, presentations and audits. If you need an interpreter on your business trip, we will accompany you both domestically and overseas. (Travel expenses, travel restriction expenses, and daily allowances will be charged separately.) Both consecutive interpreters and escort interpreters can be hired from 1 hour, but we can also accept requests for half days and full days. In addition, we provide a service that enables smooth interpretation by having the same person in charge of translating the materials necessary for interpretation. If you wish, please ask for it at the time you get your quote.

Other languages

Simplified Chinese Translation Mandarin Chinese Interpretation

Currently, we provide Simplified Chinese Translation and Mandarin Chinese Interpretation services in addition to English. Regarding translation, as with English, we handle business documents such as business emails and presentation materials, as well as various documents such as websites, advertisements, and restaurant menus. Basically, the service will be standard translations with one translator performing translation and final check. Quality translations with native double checks are available at an additional cost. As for interpretation, our native Chinese staff will support you as either a consecutive interpreter or an escorted interpreter according to your request.
In the future, we are planning to increase the number of languages that can be supported as needed.

Overseas expansion support

Search for overseas affiliate companies Support for actual transactions and contracts Monthly contract available

We make the most of our language skills and abundant overseas business experience by assisting companies that want to expand their business overseas and want to actively engage with overseas customers and suppliers in the future. For example, we can provide various services that are useful for customers such as searching for overseas partners and supporting actual business transactions. With this service, a flat-rate plan is also available, the same as with our monthly translation services. Of course, it is also possible to request individual projects. The first consultation is free of charge, so please let us know what kind of support you are looking for.